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How to sell a house during probate
If you have inherited a house, you may have several questions about selling the home. Do you need probate? Can you sell the home without probate or court approval? This article answers these and other common questions surrounding selling a […]

How to sell a house during probate

What's the future of real estate 2022?
Real estate predictions for 2022 We asked several real estate professionals and experts to get out their crystal ball and give us their best real estate predictions for 2022. We wanted to know if real estate prices would continue to […]

2022 – what does the next year hold for real ...

Property Taxes
Wondering how much your property taxes will be after you buy your home?  This article looks at how property taxes are calculated and how to take advantage of your California Homeowner’s Exemption.  Additionally, we’ll look at you might be able […]

How are property taxes calculated (and how to dispute them)

Quitclaim deed problems
Summary: There is less protection with quitclaim deeds than Grant or Warranty Deeds Quitclaim deeds are commonly used for transfers without title insurance Quitclaim deeds can make a property hard to sell in the future You cannot remove yourself from […]

What is a quitclaim deed and why are they problematic?

Rental property checklist
Summary: Avoid using friends for property managers unless they are well versed in local laws Use social media to find other landlords who can give referrals Hiring a property manager is like hiring a business partner You need to manage […]

How to hire the best property manager for your property

It’s not what anyone expected.  Everyone thought the home would sell quickly.  But after several weeks on the market, all you have to show for all of your work, is a stack of Realtor business cards on the kitchen counter.  […]

Crush your stale home listing and sell your home fast

Eviction Moratorium Ban
[Update:  On July 23, 2021 a U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the CDC Eviction Moratorium exceeded the CDC’s legal authority.  President Biden was urging Congress to extend the ban before it expired on July 31.  However, with such short […]

Eviction moratoriums hurting small landlords