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Home Warranty Do I need one
Home Warranties, you’ve probably seen them advertised on television.  But do you really need them or are they a waste of money?  In this article we look at who should have a home warranty and who may not need them. […]

Do I need a home warranty?

Garage conversion to ADU
Summary: More buyers are expressing interest in passive income with ADU’s Some of the reasons for ADUs include income, adult children living at home and financial freedom ADU’s may take the form of garage conversions, adding on to your existing […]

ADU – What’s the big to do about Accessory Dwelling ...

House Hacking unlock home wealth
Summary: Common house hacks include renting out rooms, basements and garage spaces Future house hackers should familiarize themselves with local housing and rental ordinances to avoid legal issues House hackers should have written rental policies in place prior to looking […]

House Hacking – How to Transform Your Home into a ...

What's the big deal about location?
Summary: Location includes distance and centrality of schools, amenities and recreation The size of the land the house sits on can have a significant impact on future appreciation of the home Neighborhoods with good school districts are always more valuable […]

What’s so important about location?

Summary: An encumbrance is an obligation or charge against a property Mortgages, tax liens, and mechanics liens are examples of common encumbrances Many encumbrances are satisfied and removed when the home is sold Easements and deed restrictions typically transfer with […]

What is an encumbrance and what can you do about ...

Summary: Historically interest rate drops have taken between 18 months and 10 years Mortgage interest rates are partially dependent on the Fed’s inflation management It can take 3-4 years before you recoup your refinancing fees There are several questionable assumptions […]

Marry the house, date the rate, dump the landlord?

Sell House during Recession
Summary: Homes listed for sale are seeing more price reductions If you plan on selling your home in the next year, prioritize your home repairs by health and safety first Focus on your home’s appeal, not expensive upgrades -expensive upgrades […]

Selling your home in a slow economy or recession (2023)