Frequent Questions Asked By Our Sellers

If I want to sell my house, how do I get started?

The process is very simple. When you complete the form to the right, or enter your address below, the information will be emailed to us and we’ll contact you to discuss your situation and home.

If the situation can be a win – win solution for both of us, we’ll send you an offer in writing.

You can then either accept or reject the offer we send you. There’s no obligation.

If you wish to discuss the offer with our Quick Cash Buyer, you can contact us to discuss at any time. Or you can view how our process works, by reading Four Simple Steps to selling your house.

Am I under any obligation if I complete the form or you make me an offer?

Absolutely not. If our purchase offer for your property is not the absolute best for you, you can just say “no”. We’re looking for win-win solutions for everyone involved. We always want you to feel like you made the right decision.

Are you going to continue to nag me if we can’t come to a win -win agreement?

I personally hate hard sells, so I promise I won’t pressure you. I realize that I may not be the best solution for everyone, but often I’m the right solution. My guarantee is that I will treat you with respect, even if we aren’t the best fit for each other.

How soon can I get my money?

Usually in 7 days or less. That’s what makes us a great solution. Do you have a pressing need for money? Another property you want to purchase, or an expense that is coming up?

How will I be paid?

We run every sale through a local title company, usually Placer Title. That way you can know that there’s no funny business going on and that you will get paid. When escrow closes, the title company will either wire the money directly into your bank account or mail you a check, whichever you prefer.

When can we close?

We’re flexible and want to make the sale as easy as possible for you. We can close quickly, often in less than 7 days. However, if you want more time, whether you’re moving, out of state or have family members living there, we can schedule closing for a day that works for you.

Are there any fees involved?

We don’t charge any fees for our services. In addition, most of the time, we pay all normal closing costs, meaning the offer price we give you is the amount you receive minus anything you may still owe to the bank. Most sellers save substantial money in closing costs over selling their home the traditional way.

What if my property is rented?

Not a problem. We can buy your home and deal with the renters after the sale. If your family is living in the property we can work with them for a smooth transition too.

Do you only buy houses or will you buy condos, mobile homes, etc?

We buy all kinds of properties. We are not limited to single family homes. Do you have a condo, town home, mobile home, vacant land, you want to sell? Give us a call to tell us about your situation.

I owe more than my home is worth, can you still help me?

We work with a very experienced team of negotiators who have negotiated over 300 transactions with banks and lenders to negotiate the sale of properties that are upside down. Our team was doing short sales and bank negotiations long before the 2008 housing crisis. In some case, we are even able to actually get sellers money back after the closing of the sale to help with their moving expenses.

What if I’m behind in my payments? Do I have to talk to the bank?

Not a problem. Our experienced team of negotiators can negotiate with your bank or lender for an amicable solution. You don’t have to talk to the bank yourself. Free yourself from those nagging collection agents and let us deal with the bank for you.

Do I have to make any repairs?

No. That’s what is so great about our program. We buy your house as-is without your having to make any repairs. When we say we buy houses as-is, we mean as-is.

Who sells homes to you?

Our sellers come from all walks of life and for lots of different reasons. Some have moved out of town for divorce or marriage, and are tired of maintaining a home they no longer want. Others, have family members living in the home that haven’t paid rent and the owners don’t want to have to evict their family members. Others are just tired of being a landlord. Some are just overwhelmed by the extent of the repairs their home needs are looking for an easy solution to sell their home.

How do I get started?

That’s the easiest part. Simply enter your property address below. We’ll ask a few more questions about your house and then give you a written offer in 24 hours or less.

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