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It’s really about you

Let’s be honest, it’s not really about me is it?  It’s really about you and your needs.  Do you find yourself frustrated with non paying tenants?  Are you overwhelmed with costly repairs?  Have vacancies worn you out and drained your bank account?  Consequently, are you just burned out on being a landlord?

No matter what your situation, I pride myself in being a problem solver and solving your immediate real estate needs.  I want to hear your story and listen to YOU.

You may be dealing with any one of the situations mentioned above, or you may have an entirely different situation.  I may be the perfect solution to your need.  I offer speed, convenience and the ability to eliminate the hassle and uncertainty of many real estate problems.  Whether you have a non paying relative in a rental, a code enforcement problem, inherited a house you really don’t want, I may be the easiest, fastest and best possible resolution for your situation.

“I was near the end of my rope! Having lost my job and struggling to make house payments, I was getting nowhere… I was depleting all my savings trying to keep up. When I called Robert, he was confident and reassuring and took care of all the details… Now I can get on with my life! I have peace of mind… Robert was helpful, friendly, took time to answer all my questions, and took care of me and my home respectfully.” – Barry P.


Who is Robert Taylor

Hi, my name is Robert Taylor and I’m a local rehabber in the Sacramento area and I buy houses, condos and small multi family units.

I’ve been rehabbing houses since 1999 when I bought my personal residence.  I wanted a turn key house, but that’s not what my wife wanted. The house we bought was 20 years old and had been a rental for the previous 15 years.  It was a real fixer.  Everything was worn out and it needed everything updated.  The bathrooms were those wonderful 80’s colors – blue, pink, etc.  You’ve seen those before I’m sure.  All of the cabinetry was stained in Golden Oak. It reminded me of when I was a custom cabinet builder back in the 80’s.  My honey-do list got really big, really fast.

And then there were the things that seemed to always break or need repairs.  We replaced windows, staircases, decks, bathrooms, hardwood floors, plumbing, etc. and slowly over the years found a love for remodeling homes.  My sons helped me and learned the importance of hard work and accuracy as we worked along side each other.  Soon, friends who had seen my work started calling me and asking me for help with their house and I would go and bring my sons along.  There my sons learned the value of serving others, doing the right thing and doing things the right way.  My sons are all grown up now with their own families and have their own careers, but I’m still rehabbing houses.

But I’m not the best person to ask…

Let’s ask someone who has worked with me before.

A thank you note from a seller

Thank you note from property seller

Read the thank you note from a recent seller

Yes, I am different  from the rest

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always the best solution for every situation, and I’ll tell you that right up front.  If I think your situation will be better served by selling through a real estate agent, I’ll tell you.  As someone once said, “integrity is who you are when no one is looking”.  I place a high value on integrity and consequently, my offers are transparent.  I won’t pester you with phone calls or try to pressure you into signing a contract.  If my offer works for you, great, if not, that’s fine too.  Either way, I’ll always try to help you, even when there’s nothing in it for me. My business is about solving problems and improving the community, not taking advantage of or pressuring people.

I help people resolve their real estate problems

One woman had been “helped” by someone who had taken a real estate seminar and now claimed to be a “real estate investor”. He had gotten her stuck in an illegal contract with a difficult tenant. Then her tenant proceeded to turn her into code enforcement! We were able to get her out from under the contract with her tenant, solve the code enforcement issue and she was able to move on with her life.

Another man had recently been divorced and out of work. Left with child support payments and with a home that needed major repairs, he moved out of town to find work. Now his tenants weren’t taking care of the property and he was about to lose his home. We were able to step in and purchase his home, giving him money to help cover some outstanding bills and move on with his life.

Do you have a real estate problem you need resolved?

Do you have real estate situation that needs a quick, hassle free solution from a local, reliable person?  Don’t just tell yourself that you’ll come back later and deal with it.  Tomorrow you’ll still be in the same situation, it will just be a day later.  Imagine yourself a year from now looking back and saying to yourself, “I could have solved that problem easily back then, before it got worse”.  Call me today and get a 100% free, no obligation, net cash offer within 24 hours.  I guarantee to treat you with respect and courtesy, to not judge you and maintain strict confidentiality.

Get out from underneath the problem. Get a cash offer today.  Call or text us today at the number below or via our Facebook page.

(916) 542-2425

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