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What to do after a house fire
House fires are traumatic.  Even after the fire is out, your adrenaline may still be pumping when you think about it.  But what do you do now about your fire damaged house? We asked a fireman, an insurance representative and […]

House Fire- what should I do afterwards?

Sacramento Housing Inventory Lowest In Years
Sacramento housing inventory lowest in years Sacramento’s housing inventory is the lowest it has been in years.  In April we suggested that housing would not be negatively impacted by the pandemic.  We anticipated that if the United States was anything […]

Sacramento Housing Inventory is the Lowest in Decades

How to sell house out of state
Selling your home is always a challenge.  But selling a home in another state or town, can have it’s own difficulties and challenges.  In this article we look at solutions to many of the common challenges and misconceptions of selling […]

How to sell a house out of state [or in ...

Help, I inherited my parents house
At some point in our lives, many of us will inherit our parents’ home.  For some, inheriting the family home is a blessing.  For others, it’s just a lot of work. Even before that day comes, we begin to realize […]

Help, I inherited my parents house!

Gluten Free House
When real estate agents, or their buyers get desperate to sell houses, they can come up with some pretty funny ways to describe  problems.  Or to attract buyers.  One agent, Michael D’Elena,  tapped in on the gluten free craze and […]

31 crazy things Realtors® say to sell houses