25 Reasons to sell your house for cash

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes you find yourself needing to sell a house quickly. Job transfers, divorce, foreclosure, family emergencies all can create difficult situations where you need to sell your house. Selling your house doesn’t need to be another problem you have to deal with. However, selling a home in the Sacramento area is unpredictable. Preparing your home for sale and waiting for potential buyers can take months. When this happens, you may be considering companies that buy houses for cash.

Companies like The Real Estate Solutions Guy can provide alternatives to the often long and drawn out sales process.We buy houses Sacramento Companies that buy houses are different from the typical buyer.

These companies buy houses to either fix up and resell or to add to their rental inventory. Unlike the the traditional home buyer who is dependent upon being approved for a bank loan, these companies buy with cash. Homes that may not pass a lender’s strict home inspection, sell quickly and easily to cash buyers because they buy as-is.

25 Reasons to sell your house to a cash buyer

    1. With a cash buyer, you get cash in your pocket quickly. You don’t have to wait for some buyer’s bank to approve a loan.
    2. You avoid expensive repairs. Does your house need a new roof? Have you been putting off replacing the siding or windows because of the costs? The Real Estate Solutions Guy buys houses as-is.
    3. Save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. Because we buy direct from you, there’s no Realtor® commissions.
    4. Stop worrying about home inspections that may cause your buyer to change their price. We do a quick walk through your home before we give you an offer. That way, you already know what our final offer price is. Our offer price has already anticipated most repairs.
    5. Avoid long drawn out home inspection periods. Most home purchases do their inspections weeks after you accept their offer. They schedule contractors, roof inspections, plumbing inspections, all which have to be scheduled around some third party company. We do our own inspections, so there’s no waiting for the results.
    6. Avoid buyers getting cold feet and cancelling purchase. Buyers are fickle. They say they want to buy your house, make commitments they cannot keep and then weeks (and sometimes months) later cancel the contract for no good reason. You need a buyer who does what they way they will do.
    7. Receive money to pay bills in as little as 7 days. Because we do our inspections in the beginning and buy with cash, we can close lightening quick.
    8. Move and close when it’s convenient for you. Not ready to move yet? We can work around that.
    9. Skip all of the Realtors® and their clients poking around your house. Need I say more?
    10. No loan contingencies. You don’t have to worry if your buyer’s bank will approve their loan
    11. Save thousands on closing costs. Escrow, title and notary fees can add up to a lot of money. We pay escrow, title and notary fees so you get more in your pocket.
    12. Receive an offer within 24 hours. No waiting for months for a qualified buyer to write an offer. If your home doesn’t meet our criteria, we’ll let you know that in 24 hours too, so you aren’t wasting your time waiting.
    13. You don’t have to worry about selling a house with un-permitted work. We buy houses as-is.
    14. Skip the boatload of paperwork Realtor’s® want you to sign. Our trusted, local title company will handle all of the paperwork.
    15. Avoid the stress of getting your home ready to sell. The Real Estate Solutions Guy makes the process as simple as possible.
    16. Avoid having to deal with tenants. We handle all of the hassles of being a landlord from notifying tenants of end of tenancy to eviction if necessary
    17. Avoid vandalism, deterioration and expensive insurance for a vacant house
    18. Stop making expensive property tax payments, mortgage payments and utility bills on a house you no longer live in
    19. Work with a real person, not some big brokerage office’s assistant. Don’t believe me, call me now!
    20. Easy to communicate with. We return calls, emails and texts quickly, usually within an hour.
    21. Not all cash buyers are the same. Avoid scammers and work with real cash buyers, not someone who is going try and broker your home to another buyer.
    22. Behind on your house payments or property taxes? You can avoid foreclosure by selling your house and get a fresh start.
    23. Your Realtor® won’t guarantee your house will sell in writing. But we’ll put our offer in writing.
    24. You don’t have the time or energy to clean your house to make it ready to sell. We buy houses as-is so you don’t have to clean them or make any repairs.
    25. You get to focus on moving on with your life Leave the stress of dealing with repairs, and expenses of an unwanted house behind and move on with what you really want to do.

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