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Hi, my name is Robert Taylor, the Real Estate Solutions Guy and I buy homes in Sacramento.  Do you have a house you need to sell your house for a fair price?  Inherited an estate, going through divorce, tired of being a landlord, bankruptcy or foreclosure?  Do you have too many expensive repairs?  Don’t spend another dime on repairs, instead sell it as-is to me.  If you have an unwanted property and want to sell it quickly for a fair price, I can help.

Receive a written, fair, cash offer in 24 hours

I buy houses throughout the Sacramento area for cash. I’ll provide you with a written offer for your home within 24 hours.  Unlike the traditional real estate buyers, I’m a cash buyer.  That means no banks loans, no repairs and no problematic home inspections.  You can get the money for your home in as few as 7 days.  Not quite ready to move that quickly?  Then we can close at a time that is convenient for you.

How Does We Buy Houses for Cash Work?

We strive to make selling your home stress free, by making the process as simple as possible using this four step system.

  1. Tell me about your property.

    Take a few minutes to tell us about your property.  It’s as quick and easy as filling out the form to the right or giving me a call.

  2.  Next, I’ll look at and research the property

    I’ll review houses that have recently sold in similar condition in the neighborhood.  Then I’ll look at what the property might sell for fixed up. I will start with this number, subtract out the cost of repairs, holding costs and a small profit margin to determine the price I can offer you.

  3. I’ll give you a written, no obligation, all-cash offer.

    I’ll give you simple, written offer.  No loan contingencies.  No banks involved.  And I won’t use long contracts with small print.  Just a simple price, simple contract, and the date when we can close escrow.  Need a longer or shorter escrow?  No, problem.  I’ve closed purchases in as little as 3 days when it was needed.

  4. If we agree on a price,

    I’ll open escrow with a local, reputable title company.

Selling an Unwanted House has Never Been Easier

To receive a quick written, no obligation, as-is offer for your home, fill in the form below.

Have A House That Won’t Sell?

Tried the conventional way through a Realtor, but it didn’t work?  Don’t have the time have the time to go through a long selling process? Do you have a difficult tenant or the house needs a lot of repairs?

We don’t care if your house has problems with curb appeal, broken windows or needs other repairs. You don’t need to make any repairs or worry about home inspections. Whatever the reason why you want to sell, we have several rentals in Sacramento and we are looking buy more.

Inherited a House you Don’t Want or Cannot Afford?

Do you need to sell an inherited house?  Has the rest of the family put you in charge of your family home, but hasn’t been available to help?  Are you stuck making all the difficult choices and repairs yourself?  – You can get a fast, fair offer, for your house in it’s present condition so you won’t have to make any repairs.

Have a house you inherited through probate?  We are probate specialists.  We can save you attorney fees, agent fees and long drawn out selling processes.  You can receive your inheritance money in days instead of months of waiting for legal red tape.

We Won’t ask you to fix Anything

Don’t throw good money away making repairs that may not add any value to your home.  And you don’t need to wait months for the repairs to be done before you sell.

Stop  worrying about the repairs and let us worry about them.  When we buy houses as-is, that means in their current condition.  We won’t ask you to fix anything.

Do you own a Vacant Sacramento House that you are Tired of Maintaining?

Do you own a vacant home that is getting to be a problem maintaining?  Are you getting tired of the trips back and forth?  Worried about vandalism and general disrepair?  Are you spending unnecessary money on insurance and utility bills to protect a vacant house? Let us make you a written offer.

If we agree on price, we can close within the next week and you can be released from all of the worries of maintaining a vacant house.

Too Embarrassed to let People into your Home?

So many people want to sell their house but are too embarrassed to have people come inside.   Instead, they are miserable wishing they could move on but feel trapped.   Don’t worry about how your house looks. If the the thought of going through everything in the house is overwhelming, then let me help you.  I’ve bought many cluttered houses in Sacramento.

We Keep Difficult Situations Confidential

I’m not here to judge you or your situation – I’m here to offer you a simple solution.  I’ll buy your house – even if you have a bunch of stuff you can’t take with you.  Don’t want to move everything?  You can leave it, along with leave your stress behind too.

Give us the problem of sorting through everything.  We’ll sort it and send it to a local charitable thrift store. I won’t be telling your neighbors or people who stop by.  I will keep your situation  confidential.

Do you need to relocate quickly and need to sell your current Sacramento house fast??

You don’t need to be burdened with two mortgage payments, two home insurance payments and two homes to keep maintained.

Barry was recently divorced, living out of town and dealing with the stress of a property he could no longer afford to take care of.

“I was near the end of my rope! Having lost my job and struggling to make house payments, I was getting nowhere… I was depleting all my savings trying to keep up. When I called Robert, he was confident and reassuring and took care of all the details… Now I can get on with my life! I have peace of mind.

“I used to worry about others who would promise ‘FAST CASH’ but disrespect me and my home. Robert was helpful, friendly, took time to answer all my questions, and took care of me and my home respectfully.” – Barry P

We found our perfect house but need to sell our current house.  Can you help?

Congratulations on finding your dream house!  It can be so frustrating to find your perfect house, only to not be able to sell your current home.  I get calls regularly from people wanting to sell their current home so they can buy another house. That’s where we offer an advantage over the traditional home selling model.  We can buy your home for cash and close quickly so you can continue with the purchase of your new home.

We can help you buy your new house, but buying your old house!

We buy houses Sacramento

Sell your Sacramento house. Contact us today!

Code Enforcement or Tenant Problems?

Do you have a tenant or a relative that is causing you way too much grief? Are you tenants calling you about every little thing?  Do you have code enforcement problems because of your tenants?  We will buy your rental property with your tenant in place. You don’t even have to tell the tenant that you sold the place if you don’t want to.

Tired of Being an Accidental Landlord?

Many people people become accidental landlords by allowing family members to rent a room or home from them.  Everyone’s intentions are good.  The family member initially keeps all of their commitments, but then things change.  A missed payment here, a missed payment there, a utility disconnect notice and you suddenly realize you you’re an accidental landlord.  Soon, you’re paying the mortgage on a house but unable to collect any rent to help pay the mortgage.  If the utilities aren’t paid by your tenant, the utility company sends you the bill as the owner.

Do you have family members who are “renting” from you but haven’t paid rent.  Have they opened the doors to their not so good friends to live in your property?  Has the conversation around the dinner table  gotten tense?  I can save you the embarrassment and headaches by buying your Sacramento house – even if your family member is still living in the house.

Problem Tenants in Sacramento

Have a house with a deadbeat tenant to sell?

Should I fix my home myself and sell it?

You may be thinking of fixing your home yourself and selling it.  That sounds great, but what is your time worth?  I have a friend who has decided to do this.  He’s currently into his sixth month of rehab and hasn’t even started working on the inside yet.  He’s juggling working on the house on weekends and days off.  We have to ask ourselves what our time is worth?

Of course you can hire a contractor or handyman to fix your home.  They will probably complete it sooner than you can on your own, but they’ll typically add a 25% markup to their materials and subcontractors.  And then you have to worry about if they’ll actually do the job right or show up for the job.

We’ve bought houses from owners who hired contractors, just to end up with expensive cost overruns, missed deadlines and ultimately have their contractors completely disappear from the job.  With our all-cash offer, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of headaches.

I know you have a lot of options…

Traditional methods of selling a home take time.  Sometimes, lots of time.  If the house is out dated or in need of repairs, it may take even longer.  Real estate agents attract buyers who want to live in the home, what I call “end users”.

End user buyers are looking for pretty, turn key houses with as little money down as possible.  If they walk into a house and see the wrong color carpet – they run screaming from the house.  It doesn’t matter that the price of the house is  $15,000 less than every other house!  The end user cannot see around even the smallest of problems –  it’s an emotional reaction.

Then the agents bring the inspectors who point out every little problem.  When the end user sees the 40 page report with big bold and red warning sections, the buyers start to get cold feet.  The buyers’ lender may even insist that you to make expensive repairs.  At this point it may be all the agent can do to hold the deal together.

…sometimes a real estate agent isn’t the best option

Selling through a real estate agent works for most people (I’m not a real estate agent).  But it doesn’t work for everyone or every situation.  Some people just don’t like working with real estate agents.  There always seems to be much paperwork and people coming through the house.  And then the Realtor® contract limits your sales options to only use a specific agent to sell your property limiting your options.

Do you avoid agents because of all of the small print contracts that protect the agent more than you? Do you want to avoid banks who won’t lend money or make it impossible for your buyers to get a loan?  Selling some houses through an agent can you leave you worrying if you will ever get a buyer.  Even, with an experienced agent, it can be a lot of work for you to sell your home.

With We Buy Houses Sacramento, selling your house is fast and easy

      • Eliminate the long, contracts no one understands
      • Remove the big stacks of paperwork that get pushed in front of you to sign
      • Stop dealing with buyers who get cold feet after weeks into the escrow
      • Say goodbye to banks and lenders keeping you from selling your house

Are we “We Buy Houses ” Companies a Scam?

I understand your concern.  You may be wondering if you should sell your house to an investor.  You’re probably thinking:  “You are just going to give me some low ball offer for less than my house is worth”.

There are a lot of myths about real estate investors and I can tell you that I’m different.  I value integrity, treating people honestly and I want a win-win for everyone.  I’ll write you a fair offer for your home – without any strings attached.  If we don’t agree on price, then there’s no obligation and we can still part as friends.

I know that there’s lots of people who take the the “get rich in real estate without any money” seminars.  They are are out putting up signs on every corner causing blight in your neighborhood.  If you sign a contract with them, they start calling me and offering to sell me their contract with you.  But, they mark up the price stiffing you out of tens of thousands of dollars.  If they can’t find someone to buy their contract, then they end  up cancelling and you have to start all over.

Why not start by calling a professional cash buyer who can buy your house fast and who won’t jerk you around?

How I arrive at my cash price

So, here it is.   This is how I arrive at the price I will offer you.  I start at the price the market says your house is worth if I completely renovate it, removing problem tenants, professionally stage it and sell it through a Realtor to an end user.  I back off my costs for doing that and a small profit for my efforts.  Whatever that number is, that’s my number, plain and simple. If your house needs a lot of repairs, then that will affect my offer price but not my enthusiasm for your house.  If your property is in great shape (according to the market), then it will increase the amount I can offer you.

Why I am your best option if you need to sell your house fast

So here’s why I’m a better option if you need to sell your house fast.  I’m not looking at the color of the carpet or getting cold feet because of some inspection report. I don’t need to borrow money from a big bank who tells me what or where I can buy because I buy with cash.  If we agree on a price, I wire the entire purchase amount directly into the escrow office.  I promise to make the process of selling your house fast and easy.  But I’m not the best person to ask…

Who sells houses to we buy houses companies?

Kim S. shares how we were able to help a friend receive a fair offer and sell in less than 7 days and avoid foreclosure.


Brad W., shares about our integrity.

Gary L. wrote me this awesome thank you note, after he sold me one of his rental properties.   Thank you Gary.

No Obligation – Quick Cash Sale

Forbes.com recently stated that “with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing”.   But here are some other reasons why we’re a great solution if you need to sell your home quickly.

You’re under no obligation – Not sure if this is the right decision for you? Cancel anytime up until five days before closing.  We’ll tear up the contract, no questions asked.  Your real estate agent won’t let you do that!

Avoid buyers getting cold feet.   I buy every kind of house in Sacramento,  from those only needing paint to a full remodels.  I’m not going to run away when problems arise.

Stop waiting for a buyer’s bank approval – I don’t use banks so there’s no loan contingencies.  No waiting for your buyers’ lenders’ approval.  You can receive cash in your hand in as little as 7 days.

Work with Trusted Title Companies.   I use reputable, local Sacramento title companies like Stewart Title and Placer Title.  Live out of town? Not a problem.  We also use First American Title who is nationwide for our out of town clients.  If needed, we can even have a mobile notary meet at your location for any papers you may need signed.

Speed – Because I am a local, experienced cash buyer, I know the market, the neighborhoods.  I can buy your Sacramento house fast and let you move on with your life.

No repairs- I buy as-is.  Have lot’s of deferred maintenance?  Not a problem.  Leave the costly repairs to me and let me deal with those hassles.

Avoid buyer’s cancelling at the last minute.  When you call me, you know that you’ll receive a your written offer fast, and can be sure that I’ll close on the deal.

You can have a written, cash offer for your home in 24 hours if you act today.   We’ll buy your Sacramento house.  Call or text me right now at the number below or click on the blue button right below the number to contact me via email.

Call or Text me Today 916-542-2425.


Condition doesn’t matter – I’ve bought houses that were beautiful and didn’t even need a paint job.  I’ve also bought houses that were in really rough shape and needed a complete remodel.

Location doesn’t matter – I buy houses in Auburn, Loomis, Penryn, Woodland, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Carmichael, Natomas, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Roseville,Rocklin, Jackson, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, Land Park, Elk Grove, North Highlands, Stockton, Camino, Cameron Park, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Diamond Springs, Rescue, El Dorado, Elk Grove, Land Park, East Sac, Lodi, Galt, Folsom and many more places.

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