How to sell an ugly house

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The quick and easy answer to that question is that we buy ugly houses.  The uglier the house, the better.  We want to buy your old and run down house, and renovate it to make something beautify out of it.  Maybe you’ve tried selling your house other ways through a Realtor or For Sale By Owner (FSBO) without any luck.

Below are the two ways you can sell the ugliest house in the neighborhood.

How people usually try to sell an old ugly house

Most people instantly think of selling their house using the traditional route of a Realtor.  This works great if your house is in great shape, doesn’t need a lot of repairs and you have the time to wait for just the right buyer.  It’s what we do when we sell a house.  However, it’s not always the only or even the best solution for every situation.   Let’s walk through a common scenario of selling the ugliest house in the neighborhood using the traditional route and how allowing us to buy your house could eliminate hassles and uncertainty.

They pay expensive Realtor commissions

Realtors charge you a commission to put a sign in the front yard, pay an assistant to put your house on the Multiple Listing Service and then hope and pray that someone will want see your house and then want to get in their car to drive over to see it.  Because the house is in need of repairs, the listing agent also takes minimal pictures of the house because it needs repairs, typically avoiding the kitchens and bathrooms.   The problem with this methodology is it markets to people who are looking for a house to live in.  When we buy houses, you pay no real estate commissions.

They market to end users

Finally, if a potential buyer people do comes to see the house they are disappointed because what they heard about and what they see are two different things. You could have weeks of people coming through expecting one thing but seeing something different.  The result is that it may take several months for just the right person to come along and decide that they want to put an offer in on your house.  When we buy houses, we expect to need to make repairs.

But the worst may still be yet to come  when your potential buyer puts an offer in on the house and then applies for a loan.  Many banks are so buried in legal paperwork because of scandals and new legislation, they are taking six weeks to approve loans for properties and then they want the repairs done before they will loan the money.

The buyers’ banks want repairs

Most banks won’t loan on “fixer upper” properties.  When the banks learn about the condition, then they often start getting cold feet and either start requiring repairs to be made before they will loan on your house or they simply won’t make the loan.  Realtors often try hiding the repairs from the lender but that’s not always guaranteed.  We solve this problem by skipping the banks entirely.  Since we buy with cash, we can completely eliminate the buyers’ lenders.  When we buy houses for cash, we skip the banks and their requirements.  We know that there are going to be repairs and we make those repairs ourselves.  When we buy houses, we skip the banks.

Finally, their buyers get cold feet

What happens next can be even more scary.  You may have had your property on the market for two to three months and now you finally have a buyer and you have made plans to move on with your life.  But now, your buyers start to get cold feet.  Buyers who are going to live in the house don’t always see opportunity – they see lots of repairs, how much money it will cost them, and they don’t really have money to spend after they put all of their money toward the down payment.  Now, they start wanting a price reduction or they just back out of the deal at the last minute.

Now you’re in a quandary.  If your buyers start asking for a price reduction, or wanting to back out, what will you do?  You have all of this time, effort and energy tied up in these buyers.  You don’t want to start over and by the time you deduct the buyers’ new asking price, the banks required repairs and the agent commissions, maybe you would have been better off trying a different method.

What they should have done first – Call The Real Estate Solution Guy because we buy houses

Wouldn’t you have preferred a fair offer with a fast close and cash sale to begin with?

This is where calling The Real Estate Solutions Guy first can save you time, hassles and usually dollars.  We make selling your house easy with Four Simple Steps to Quickly Selling your House.  When we buy houses, you eliminate the agent commissions because you are selling directly to me.  Consequently when we buy houses, we close quickly saving you time and hassle. When we buy your house, we eliminate the banks by paying cash for your house and we eliminate buyers who get cold feet.

Often by the time an owner jumps through all of the hassles trying the traditional method, they receive the same amount of money as if they would have if they had called me first.  The major difference – when I buy houses – I will get you there in a fraction of the time and eliminate all the hassle.

By selling directly to me, you can eliminate the potential for all of the above problems ever occurring.  You can close quickly, receive a fast, fair cash offer, and avoid the hassles of selling to an end user.