expensive zip codes to rent
Thinking of renting a home or apartment in Sacramento? If so, you will probably want to explore the area rents before you make a decision. A newly released report by allows you to interactively research rents by zip codes. […]

Most Expensive Zip Codes to Rent in Sacramento

How to evict tenant in California
No one ever wants to do an eviction.  It seems harsh and cruel, yet it is the reality of being a landlord.  Even with careful screening, sometimes you get a tenant that doesn’t work out or that doesn’t pay.  Sometimes […]

The Landlords Guide to Eviction in California

Even smart landlords lose money with their rentals occasionally.  You may be an experience landlord, or just beginning.  Here are 7 ways landlords can lose money. 1.  Government regulations and taxes Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in […]

7 Ways even experienced landlords can lose money