Most Expensive Zip Codes to Rent in Sacramento

Thinking of renting a home or apartment in Sacramento? If so, you will probably want to explore the area rents before you make a decision. A newly released report by allows you to interactively research rents by zip codes. If you are looking to rent a home instead of an apartment, adjust the monthly rent number upwards. Even though these numbers are based on apartment rents, you can still get an idea of where rents are the most affordable in the city. If you’re looking to avoid most expensive zip codes to rent, then scroll down to our most affordable places to rent below. You may also want to look at our Top 10 Places to Live in Sacramento to review the desirability of these neighborhoods.

We looked at the data and break it down for you. We broke down 30 different zip codes by price range. The Top 10 most expensive. The Top 10 most affordable and the 10 mid range neighborhoods to consider when looking to rent a home.

Top 10 most expensive zip codes to rent in Sacramento

Starting off at #1 most expensive zip code to rent is Davis. Not surprising given that it is a college town with lots of students and a great ambiance. El Dorado Hills and Folsom are bedroom communities for Intel employees. These employees often have lots of income or are here on temporary projects short term projects.

PositionCityZip CodeMonthly Rents
3El Dorado Hills957621669
7Elk Grove957581547
8North Natomas958351522
9West Sacramento956051498

Top 10 most affordable zip codes to rent in Sacramento

If you are looking for a pleasant and affordable neighborhood, consider the following areas. Bear in mind that prices are only averages. For nicer streets or complexes you will likely pay more than the average number below.

PositionCityZip CodeMonthly Rents
3South Sacramento958231063
4Del Paso Heights958381094
5Elk Grove956241123
6West Sacrament956911135
7Citrus Heights956101156
8Lincoln Village958271157
9Rancho Cordova956701161

Mid price range zip codes to rent in Sacramento

Moving up the price scale, these last 10 zip codes cover the mid range priced neighborhoods.

11Del Paso Heights958151248
12Cameron Park956821253
13Fair Oaks956281266
18South Natomas958331324
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