Is the Sacramento Real Estate Market about to change?

Is the Sacramento real estate market about to change?

If you have been watching the Sacramento real estate market at all, you’ve probably noticed that real estate prices are going up.  And up.  You probably have also noticed that we’ve been in a seller’s market.  Over the past two years, prices have steadily been climbing.  Well, that real estate trend may be changing based on numbers released this week.  If you have been putting off selling your Sacramento property, you may want to consider selling quickly while you still can get the best price before the trend changes directions completely.

National indicators impact the local Sacramento real estate market

The University of Michigan just released their quarterly update of consumer sentiment regarding the real estate market.  In particular they asked two questions:

  1. Generally speaking, do you think now is a good time or a bad time to sell a house?
  2. Generally speaking, do you think now is a good time or a bad time to buy a house?

These may seem like mundane questions, but they give us a clue as to how buyers and sellers are feeling about real estate.  It gives us an indicator us of how likely they may be to either buy or sell a house.

Hint of things to come

So here’s the hint of things to come.  Those who felt that “Now was a good time to buy” were at a six year low while those who said “Now was a good time to sell” were at a 12 year high.

Combine the UMich report with the report from the National Association of Realtors yesterday.  It states that April Existing Home Sales numbers which were down 2.3%.

As Tyler Durden of points out

“Disparities of this breadth tend to coincide with break points and that’s just where we’ve landed in the cycle.

“The beginning of May officially marked the advent of a buyers’ market, defined simply as sellers outnumbering buyers by a wide enough margin to trigger falling prices. Yes, it’s the moment buyers have been waiting for

Are we changing from a seller’s to a buyer’s market?

If we believe Mr Durden’s observations, we might be reaching a tipping point where we see more sellers than buyers.  If this is the case, then the Sacramento real estate market should see increased inventory (currently at under 2 months).  That, along with a decreasing number of buyers would bring lower prices.  Homeowners who are thinking of selling, may want to consider selling sooner rather than later.  If you are thinking of buying, keep watching and don’t panic worrying that you’re being priced out of the market.

Is the sacramento real estate market about to change?

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