Cash buyers leaving the Sacramento market – who’s still buying houses for cash?

Cash buyers leaving Sacramento

Maybe you heard the recent news that cash buyers are leaving Sacramento?  According to Calculated Risk cash buyers in Sacramento are down 13% from last year.  As of November 2017, Sacramento cash home buyers are down 27% from their peak 2013.   If the current trend continues we’ll be below pre Recession Levels within the next 12 months.

Who were these cash buyers who were leaving?  They were mostly Wall Street hedge funds who took advantage of foreclosures and short sales during the Big Recession.  Companies like Blackstone and and Waypoint spent billions of dollars purchasing homes, but these companies are backing off since prices have surged from Recession levels.  Blackstone has been pulling back on home buying since 2014 Blackstone’s Home Buying Binge Ends.

Good News for those with easy homes to sell

This is good news for homeowners whose homes are in great condition and are easy to sell to end users.  It’s a sign of less distressed inventory, i.e., short sales and foreclosures.  It’s also good news for end users who are looking to buy homes because they aren’t having to compete against the big Wall Street investors like who were spending millions of dollars in cash for houses in Sacramento and driving the prices up.  It used to be that with all of the cash buyers, multiple offer scenarios, the entry level buyer found it hard to compete.  Now, with prices almost near their peak levels, it’s still hard for buyers to find a home they can afford.  Some are even starting to refer to this as Housing Bubble 2.0.

Cash buyers leaving Sacramento
Cash buyers leaving Sacramento

The challenge for people who need to sell their house fast in Sacramento

The bad news is that it’s becoming more difficult for sellers who need to find a quick, cash buyer to sell their homes.  These people may be going through any number of circumstances –  a divorce, job transfer, health issues, trying to avoid foreclosure or just have a difficult problem that only an investor can solve.  With so many of the big corporate, cash buyers gone, homeowners who need to sell their home quickly are left with fewer alternatives.  The most common alternative is a conventional sale through a real estate agent.

The conventional approach

The conventional approach works well in some scenarios where you have time and the ability to wait.  Typically during the months of January and March, home sales take a rapid drop and it’s even harder to sell a house.  As the following graph illustrates, home sales drop noticeably during the winter months.  But with banks making it hard for buyers to obtain loans, buyers cancelling out of contracts at the last minute quickly selling a home the conventional way can be challenging.

Cash buyers leaving Sacramento
Quick cash buyer needed

You can still sell your house fast in Sacramento – because we will pay cash for houses

Fortunately, there’s still a solution for people who need a cash buyer and quick sale.  I’m a local rehabber and I have been buying houses  in the Sacramento area before the Wall Street hedge funds ever came to town, helping people who need a solution.  If you are in need a of fair, quick, cash sale give me a call.  Do you have a difficult situation; a challenging rental property, overwhelming repairs, a death in the family, problem tenants, difficult neighbors?  No problem.

Want to see how my program works?  Check out Four Simple Steps to Quickly Selling your House

I’ll treat you and your home with respect

We buy houses AS-IS and maintain strict confidentiality.

We understand that life can be difficult at times and sometimes you just need a simple solution – without shame or embarrassment.  We’d love to help if we can.  If you have a property you would like to sell, give me a call or fill out the short form on the right.  We’ll given you a written, fair, no obligation, offer in 24 hours.  We’ll respect your privacy and operate with integrity.  What have you got to lose?  You can either accept our offer or not.  We’re that easy to work with. We may even suggest another alternative that maybe you haven’t considered.

I want to give you a fair offer

No matter what your situation is, I want to be able to make you a fair, respectable offer.

“I was near the end of my rope! Having lost my job and struggling to make house payments, I was getting nowhere… I was depleting all my savings trying to keep up. When I called Robert, he was confident and reassuring and took care of all the details… Now I can get on with my life! I have peace of mind. I used to worry about others who would promise ‘FAST CASH’ but disrespect me and my home. Robert was helpful, friendly, took time to answer all my questions, and took care of me and my home respectfully.” – Barry, Placerville

If you prefer to speak to a real person, give me a call at (916) 542-2425 and we can discuss your situation.


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